Vintage Kantha

Mention the word kantha and we think of light warm throws that bring colour and life to a room. These quilts are traditionally made by the women in Bangladesh and the word kantha simply means the "running stitch" used to sew the fabric together.

As a throw for the chair or bed, made into cushions, jackets, coats and bags - the kantha has a variety of uses.

Vintage kantha

Vintage kantha is the traditional item and is the perfect example of upcycling. Place two saris back to back, add a little padding between, secure them together with a running stitch and you have the perfect lightweight, yet warm material.

As the fabric is vintage and upcycled each piece will have its own little idiosyncrasies which we believe adds to the character.

Modern kantha

In response to the popularity of kantha a number of modern designs have been created for the market. In particular there are ikat, flowers and birds.

Take Your Seat brings in various modern ikat and bird kanthas. If there is a particular colour, design or size you are after and we don't have them currently available please let us know.