3 Simple Ways to Bring Your Office to Life

A well lit office space which reflects your personality will boost efficiency and make you feel great all at the same time.

Let's face it, nobody likes working in an office that's dreary, dark and bland. Here are a few simple tips for creating a more comfortable and liveable place to work.

  1. Make Your Space Personal

Giving your office the personal touch can make it a more pleasant place to work. Here's a few things you can try:

  • When you see something online that inspires you, print it out and put it on display so it can motivate you when you need some encouragement.
  • Place comfort Items around your office - like photos of loved ones or your child's macaroni masterpiece, anything that holds a special place in your heart.
  • You can also try nostalgic mementos – like a shell from a relaxing vacation, a childhood toy or even the lyrics from your favourite song in high school – anything that brings back good memories.
  1. Adding Light and Life

Being in a well-lit room not only makes you feel great, a study by NERL found that natural light can also make you more productive and creative. If you have limited natural light in your office, try to make the most of it by placing your desk near a window or moving furniture away from the walls opposite windows, so you get the greatest amount of natural light in your workspace.

Likewise, many people find having a plant in their office makes them feel more relaxed and productive. Office plants can also freshen the air and help regulate humidity, creating a healthy and pleasant place to work.

  1. Choose the Right Colours

Adding some colour to your office can do a lot more than just brighten the place up. Renowned psychologist Angela Wright observed that colours can influence people's subconscious in a surprisingly predictable way:

  • blue helps you think logically
  • yellow promotes creativity
  • red boosts physical performance and endurance
  • green makes you calm and composed
  • bright colours are more stimulating, while softer colours are soothing.

Choosing the right colours depends on your line of work and how you use your office space, try experimenting with some cushios or a throw and rug and see what works for you.

So there you have it, three tips for bringing your office to life. Do you know any other great ways to brighten up your workspace? Let us know in the comments below.

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