The butterfly chair - a classic with many names

The BKF butterfly chair. A classic

The butterfly chair is a favourite at Take Your Seat, both for it's classic simple shape and it's functionality.  I know it's also a favourite for many others who are rediscovering the beauty, comfort and design potential of this classic piece. It allows us to change covers to encompass the seasons and reflect changing trends in texture and colour. It's credentials as a classic design is underpinned with each generation rediscovering it and adapting it to current trends.

As a child I remember my aunty in one (with shocking psychedelic fabric cover), and I'm thankful that we now have a wide range of beautiful covers now available as options.

a sense of history

Looking at the design you wouldn't peg it 75 years old. The chair was originally designed in 1938 by the Argentinian architect Jorge Ferrari-Hardoy shortly after working for Le Corbusier, as part of a project at the Austral Group in Beunos Aires.  It is often known by the initials 'BKF' in reference to the partners at the architectural firm and also by the name 'Hardoy chair'.  The design draws upon early 19th century military campaign furniture, in particular the Paragon / tripolina chair, showing the same slung leather cover, and butterfly leg concept, but without the simplicity of line and function that the current design holds.



 modern interpretation

With it's clean lines the butterflly chair is now being rediscovered and adapted for our current trends. Available with brass, copper, stainless steel, or powder coated frames there is a base to suit all looks. The covers available include classic plain leather, as well as patterned and embossed leathers, hair on hide, vintage kantha, heavy cottons and canvas. There are outdoor fabric covers with handblocked prints as well as standard fabrics. With an increasing number of manufacturers and retailers there is a wide choice available.

With so many options we have decided that you should be able to mix and match. We will be bringing out different covers and having a standard frame available in a number of different colour and metal options.

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