Forecasted trends for 2015 onwards from Scarlet Opus

Bringing texture back into the home

I was very excited to get a seat at the sold out seminar at Design + Decoration where we spent an hour hearing about how they forecast trends and some of the trends coming up. So here are some of the indicators of 2015 and onwards that I want to share with you.

Pamper your fingers with texture

silky hair on hide butterfly chairIn an age where so many of our most valued and used possessions are hard and sleek we need to bring texture back into our lives.  So many of us are attached firmly to our phones and tablets (except my husband who doesn't even text). The surfaces are hard and sleek and we are actually ignoring our largest sensory organ.  We may think of ourselves as visual or auditory, but our skin is the biggest sensory organ of our body. We know how important is for children to have different surface experiences, well being an adult doesn't mean we should disregard our sense of touch.  Often we gravitate to pieces that feel good subconsciously. After all who enjoys wearing a scratchy jumper?  Did you ever sit on a chair covered in kilm rug when wearing shorts? The look was great, but quite often the experience was rather uncomfortable.  Homeware and furniture designers are becoming increasingly attuned to the opportunities that texture can bring.  When you pick up a cushion, take time to stroke it and feel the fabric in your hand. Run your fingers along sculpted wooden supports that still retain the original feel of the grain. Remember to pamper your fingers.

Retro review with an eye to the romantic

An underlying trend is a hankering to the past. When times are tough (and lets be realistic... it has been really tough locally, nationally and globally for many people) we tend to look backwards.  Winters have rich bold colours and summer is soft romantic pastels. The brashness of bright bling and shiny metals is giving way to warmer tones of copper and brass with brushed surfaces.

Now we're not going to have you sleeping in four poster beds, or sitting on hard chairs. This influence is about the warm rich colours, sumptuous fabrics and intricate patterns.  So think deep spicy browns, claret reds, deep greens and prussian blues. Opulence will come from the fabrics with lush faded velvets, damask fabrics in silks and linens (remember the traditional damask table cloths that grandma would put on the table for Sunday roast) and distressed jacquards. Transferring these design trends into an Australian environment means paring back on the visually heavy pieces and selecting key pieces with a romantic feel.  Close your eyes and think of 3 to 5 pieces that you would curl up with in a special nook.

Summer lovin'

Bellini with a faded handblockFor summer and warmer climates you will see warmer softer colours that envelope you gently and without the brashness of psychedelic era. Neon colours are transitioning into a kinder and frankly more liveable range of fresh tones. Soft bellini apricot and soft agate blue. Again bringing our retro feel the texture and tones of faded denim and washed out block prints or florals.

 So to sum up:











  1. Texture
  2. Retro - whether medieval to Baroque, romantic to European mid 20th century
  3. Weathered faded fabrics
  4. Metals more subdued (forget the bling)
  5. Bellini apricot, soft agate blue, deep rich natural colours, Oh and RED

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