Brining texture back to our life

Texture is so important within the home. Our biggest sense is often overlooked.

Texture… it’s all around us, stimulating our senses and enriching the world we live in. Texture can be found in the objects we touch, the sounds we hear and even the food we savour each day. Texture is part of our very own nature, which is why it is also an important part of interior design.

Making a comeback

In recent years, the trends in home decoration started leading away from the combination of different types of texture, and the end result was a cleaner look that could almost be defined as spartan, but, as with everything, the lack of sensory stimulation brought about boring and uninviting looks, most of which we unconsciously tried to hide with the clever use of accessories and large accumulations of knick-knacks, in many cases overloading our personal space and crowding our senses.

It is probably because of this, and the desire for a certain “feel” that different textures are now making their way back into the market. This new variety, regardless of how it can be applied to specific rooms in our homes, will provide our dwelling with a welcoming aura that makes us want to stick around a little bit longer to enjoy it a little bit more.

The tides are changing

Textured handblock family cushionThese days, the tendency towards the use of texture within a certain space is inspired by our own natural environment, which means that elements of nature are brought into our immediate surroundings to add a touch of the outdoors to our space. These elements are as varied as nature itself, and include faux rock, stone, and even the application of certain fibres to specific walls, floors and even ceilings, giving them a primitive yet appealingly modern look, without parting too much from the original design.

Taking things even further, texture is returning to fabrics, and, when combined with bright and lively colours, can result in a sensory explosion that will liven up even the dullest room. This is quite evident in some of our latest pieces, which have been beautifully manufactured by our partners in India, where you can find all the elements required in an accessory that begs to be touched and seen all at once.

As old as humanity itself

Throughout the ages, humans have relied on texture to determine what elements of their area of influence could be beneficial to them. It is because of texture that primitive men were able to decide which plants would make the best fabrics, and today we can use all types of texture to our advantage by allowing them to take a permanent place within our home.

From fabrics that are soft as the autumn wind caressing our skin to tiles as rugged as the Outback itself, texture is making a comeback and it is determined to stay. Gone are the days of bleak and boring decor, today it is all about how far our application of different types of texture can go, enticing our senses and enhancing our space, allowing our primeval instincts to come forth and enjoy what has been placed before us.

Texture will always be a part of what and who we are. It encompasses our being and enhances our lives. From the moment we come into this life and until it is time to say farewell, texture will be the guiding light that will lead us down the path of sensory pleasure, always present and as unavoidable as the day itself.

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