4 great sources of inspiration for Bohemian design

Drawing inspiration for contemporary tribal or bohemian style from Sibella Court and Justine Blakeney

My style is certainly eclectic and appreciated by those who like the tribal or bohemian mix.

I'm inspired by resources such as fabric, woods, metals and want to experiment with them on furniture in a way they may not have been seen before. Sometimes the outcome is wonderful and other times it was an educational experience.

Sometimes I wonder if anyone else really likes the same things I fall for. Apart from all things blue (my favourite colour) I am attracted to pattern and all things from India.

I also love books, learning to read at an early age and spending much time on my own, I have always had a volume or two as my companions.

So you can imagine my excitement when I tripped across a book called "Gypsy - A world of colour & interiors" by the Australian stylists Sibilla Court. Her introduction starts with:

I like to look at life in colour. It's a strong memory trigger and for those of us with poor memories, a gentle reminder is always welcome. To me, everything is about colour. I want this book to reveal its importance, power ad ability to transport you to places you've been to or want to go to.

I trawl through the book, delighting in the varying textures of her paper and colours she promotes with reference to different countries.

Not satisfied I have to have more of her books, so "Bowerbird - creating beautiful interiors with the things you collect" came into my hands and I've spent many a sleepless night (thanks to chronic insomnia) sifting through her ideas on how collections of personal treasures can be brought together and how I can apply this to both my home and Take Your Seat's treasure trove. I've found trade fair styling a challenge, but now I have concepts to help me to my story visually in a different way.

Sibella Court EtceteraNext to grace the growing pile of books on the bedside table is "ETCETERA - creating beautiful interiors with the things you love".

Again, the first words feel like an epiphany has hit

This book is about slapdash styling and deconstructed decorating solutions

Having found a kindred soul I know I'm not alone in my style journey. Even better her first colour... is indigo blue, a firm favourite of mine and part of my new office chair range. Of the three books etc. is possibly my favourite.

You can find information about her shop, projects and books at The Society Inc 



The New Bohemian bible by Justina BlakeneyAnother fabulous book is The New Bohemians by Justina Blakeney. She is the force behind www.jungalow.com and has brought together a fabulous book focusing on 20 home that reflect bohemian design.

New ideas

I'm loving small footstools and ottomans at the moment and have some ideas of combining different textures and treatments of fabric and leather. As with all my pieces, they are limited release, so if you want to see them as they arrive subscribe to the newsletter for new releases and my 48hr sales.


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