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A home is warm and inviting and reflects the reality of daily life with all its idiosyncrasies. Perhaps your favourite chair is looking worn and tired, but it's comfortable and perfect for curling up in at the end of the day. So it stays and is layered with a throw and designer cushions. The coffee table has magazines, a book or two plus coasters for the drinks - it's the right height so you can reach it comfortably.

Whatever your lifestyle demands are, they can be reflected in the right furniture choices for you. Our homewares collections are designed with creativity and a passion for unique design. Take Your Seat understands how much a certain piece can mean to you, whether it is an inherited ottoman that needs reupholstering, or perhaps you just are looking for an office chair that can brighten up your work day, we offer services and products that can help you achieve your décor dreams.

global inspiration

We bring furniture and homewares that you can add to the home and reflect your own personal style. In a world where sleek hard surfaces of computers, tablets and smartphones are constant, we want to provide you with beautifully textures fabrics that you want to touch. I want to show you fabrics in cushions, chairs and quilts that are made by artisans. Fabrics that play on the senses, with patterns being mixed into a landscape of colour, shape and texture.

We offer you bespoke chairs like the iconic BKF butterfly seat and reupholstered vintage seats that simply cannot be missed. Our collections are mixed with Australian and Indian fabrics and upcycled chairs, footrests and more. Through our global inspiration we create stunning additions for your home or workplace.

passionately committed

II am passionately committed to seeing artisan skills being retained and artisans obtaining sustainable economic independence. I do this by finding people who have the desire to improve their life and of those around them. In India I have connected with some inspiring families and I work with them to improve their business and assist them in finding ways of expanding their revenue.

I travel regularly to North India to meet with the many families and artisans I purchase from. Their work ethic, passion and love of intricate and textured design is what inspires me to create exclusive pieces that capture the essence of their culture. I want to bring you their story and help you create your own. My passion for providing high-quality and designer options leads me to create unique pieces that offer you a portion of my love of this culture and their practices.

contact us

I am always happy to talk to customers, so please do not hesitate to contact me on 0421 273 068. Alternatively you can complete the online enquiry form located on our contacts page. Allow us to help you find the right homewares to suit your personality, reflect your zest for life in some of our most beautiful products or choose simple cushions to add to your existing furniture pieces. Follow my treasures on Facebook and my blog as I post photos of our transformations and discoveries.


8 places to help declutter - a crafter's nightmare

Declutter your home and bring some peace of mindIt's so easy to become overwhelmed by the amount of things you and the family accumulates.  Whether you're a natural bowerbird (like myself) or just so busy that you don't have time to stop and take stock, or have deeper issues - it creeps up on you

For those of us who love all sorts of handicrafts and arts then the potential for chaos is mind boggling. Everything left over can be reused and anything that is past its best can be upcycled. There are always projects waiting.

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Feel silky hair on hide butterfly chairThe focus going forward for the next 18 months or so will be with texture and a retro feel.

Taking influences from a multiple of eras, Medieval, Baroque and 50's.  It's the more recent past which is easier to reflect in our Australian homes, with simple lines and geometric patterns still very popular.

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My style is certainly eclectic and appreciated by those who like the tribal or bohemian mix. I'm inspired by resources such as fabric, woods, metals and want to experiment with them on furniture in a way they may not have been seen before. Sometimes the outcome is wonderful and other times it was an educational experience.   I love books, learning to read at an early age and spending much time on my own, I have always had a volume or two as my companions. So you can imagine my excitement when I tripped across a book called "Gypsy - A world of colour & interiors" by the Australian stylists Sibilla Court.  


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